I am so excited to announce we are granting our first wish this week.  We were contacted a few weeks ago from a woman who has breast cancer and is going through treatment but has to travel often for chemo and an upcoming surgery.  We really wanted to grant a wish by March 14th since that is Jim’s birthday.  It is the first year we can’t give him a gift so the best way to honor him on that day is to give someone else a gift.  On Tuesday morning I will be sending the FedEx package – be sure to look for pictures 🙂

When someone applies for a wish to be given we ask them to tell us a Cancer Bonus. For those of you who don’t know what a Cancer Bonus is they started with my husband.  When he was first diagnosed with cancer he was determine to find something good in all the bad that can come with cancer so he looked for Cancer Bonuses – good that happens because of cancer.  A good example of a Cancer Bonus is when Jim would receive chemo therapy I was able to work from the hospital and be with him during treatment.  He use to say it was one of his favorite Cancer Bonuses because it was time we got to spend together during the craziness of the work week.  Many times he would sleep most of the time but he was always glad I was there with him.

The Cancer Bonus from our first wish recipient was:   “Being closer with my sisters. My 3 sisters have been so supportive.  Even though two of them live out of state, they have gone out of their way to send me cards and small gifts just about every week.  Their support has amazed me!”

The whole Cancer Bonus idea might sound crazy to most because cancer can be so awful however we still find Cancer Bonuses even though we lost Jim to cancer.  Dream Big! Foundation is a great example – this never would have started without cancer touching our lives.

Dream Big!