When we began the Dream Big! Foundation we knew we had to come up with a logo.  Susan and I bounced around a bunch of ideas but nothing really stuck with us.  We asked some of our friends to help us and still we couldn’t find the “thing” that felt right.  Then one day Susan called me and said I think I have it and sent me a picture of a van.  I agreed it was right image for our logo and would be our brand along with Jim’s handwriting of Dream Big!  Let me explain the the van… It all started years ago when our kids were a bit older and I had gotten tired of driving the minivan.  I told Jim that I didn’t like driving the minivan any longer and he reminded me that it was paid for and we were enjoying not having a car payment.  However, he came up with a solution and suggested we trade cars. I thought he was kidding, who in their right mind would choose to drive a minivan.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved the minivan for the functionality but it wasn’t my first choice of cars.  I was ready to drive something smaller and took Jim up on his offer before he could change his mind.  After a week or two from the car switch I tentatively asked Jim what he thought of driving the van.  I hesitated waiting for his answer and thought if he doesn’t like it will he ask me to trade back.  There was a small childish part of me that was ready to yell, “no take backs” if he made the request to switch the cars back.  Instead he grinned and said he LOVED driving the minivan.  He went on to explain that it was everything he could want, it had 4 captains chairs that reclined, a movie theater and surround sound.  Then he went on to name it his Mobile Man Cave.  Jim cherished his family more than anything and loved getting us all in the van to head out on an adventure that could lead us on vacation, to the beach, church – anywhere.

So the Mobile Man Cave is the brand for the Dream Big! Foundation.  It not only represents Jim so well it symbolizes the travel that are helping cancer patients afford.  In the next couple of weeks we will be adding some women’s tanks tops to our collection and will be introducing the Mobile Man Cave on the shirts for the first time.  Stay tuned for some new exciting designs coming this summer!

Dream Big!