Before Dream Big! Foundation got started I was out cutting the grass one day and a couple who lives in my neighborhood stopped and chatted with me for a while.  When they asked the questions, “how are things going for you?”  having recently lost Jim this was a question I was asked often.  I responded that I was doing ok but still extremly sad and commented that is was not the life I had dreamed of.  I really expected to grow old and retire with my husband.  They both smiled and said in unison, “Welcome to Holland!”  They gave each other a loving smile like they had a special secret between them.  I looked at them and told them I didn’t understand.  They went on to explain that when they had an unexpected turn in thier lives some one said to them, “imagine being on a plane heading to Paris and you are very excited about that trip and there are problems with the plane mid flight and it is forced to land in Holland.  Then you can’t get a flight out for a couple of days and you are stuck in Holland.  Once you go out and explore you realize Holland is a beautiful place and you actually love your vacation time there.”  They pointed out, my journey may not be what I wanted but to remember to keep living my life and enjoy all the wonderful things that are going on around me.

One of the best this that is part of my “Holland” is the start of the Dream Big! Foundation.  This never would have happened if my life hadn’t changed last year when Jim passed away.  It is exciting and I love getting pictures of our customers wearing the shirts all over the world.  It was the best feeling giving our first wish to someone, I can’t wait to do more!  This may not have been my dream but it is a good spot full of a lot of love and beauty.

Now I just need someone from Holland to order a shirt!!

Dream Big!