Last week the Dream Big! Foundation sent it’s third gift out.  This time it was extra special because we mailed it to help the family of a little boy.  I really have a hard time with cancer but when it comes to cancer for little kids it is even more difficult.  The good news for Kai is that it is our 3rd gift – why is that good new you ask?  Well, it was Jim’s favorite number and he use to say good things happen when the number 3 is involved.  Hence we have 3 kids and not 4 🙂  So for Kai I am praying the 3rd gift will be a blessing and he will fight and win the battle against cancer.  Plus, I put the package in the mail on a rainy day – that is also supposed to bring good luck.  It rained on our wedding day and we had a wonderful marriage.  I think Kai is in for a good dose of positive vibes coming his way.