What a fun holiday – by far one of my favorites!  Nothing beats a holiday where all you have to do is cookout, hang with friends and watch fireworks.  Does it get any better?  We have a wonderful tradition in our house that happens on the Fourth of July.  Every year, usually pretty early in the day we read the Declaration of Independence.  This started when Jim and I were dating.  I will be totally honest this was not my idea and the first time I wasn’t sure I would want to do it every year.  This was a huge deal for Jim.  We sat down and he read the whole thing to me.  His passion and excitement over this document was contagious and I eventually began looking forward to our annual tradition.  When we had kids and they were younger they didn’t share the passion – that is a simple way to say they were bored out of their minds but they saw Jim’s excitement and love for this tradition and settled in each year to listen.  As the years went on they began to ask questions and we had some really great discussions.  That is my favorite part.  Eventually they began taking turns reading parts or all of the great document.   When Maggie was stationed in Kuwait she asked us to call her so she could hear Jim read it to her.  We got off the phone with her that day and Jim started crying.  He couldn’t believe the day had come when he was reading the Declaration of Independence to a child who was serving our country.  Actually every year Jim always got a little teary eyed as we carried on this tradition. He loved the magnitude of the document and was so proud be an American.


So with that in mind we thought our first line up of summer shirts should be a tribute to America.  We are introducing our Celebration shirts and the flag wrapped Mobile Man Cave (see earlier blog for an explanation) shirt.  We’ve had a lot of request for youth shirts so we are trying out a run for kids with the celebration shirt.   We also are introducing some new tank tops.  It is our way of saying “tanks” for your support 🙂


From the Dream Big! Team to you – Happy Fourth of July!  Safe travels if you will be away from home and enjoy your time with family and friends.

Dream Big!