As people come in and out of your life they all have an impact on who you are and may even change your outlook on life.  I believe that we learn something from everyone.  Today is the second anniversary of the day that Jim left this world and became an angel in heaven.  Although the day marks a terribly sad event for our family it also brought a lot of love.  Throughout the day I received text, phone calls, and emails from friends, coworkers, family and even a few people I didn’t know but they knew Jim.  Most of them reflected on how much they missed Jim and what they loved about him or how he impacted their lives.  It was wonderful to hear from everyone and made me think about how important it is to remember many of the lessons Jim taught me in life.  The most important ones were to be a good friend, loving unconditionally and to live a mindful life.


He really worked at being a good friend to everyone.  He was the kind of friend you knew you could count on to help out and do the right thing.  When you were with Jim he lived in the moment and gave you his undivided attention and listen to all you had to say and at some point you would probably hear his booming laugh.


Jim loved unconditionally and with all of his big heart.  He knew how to make people feel special and safe.  Making people happy is what gave Jim joy.


Before it was “in” to be mindful Jim practiced it every day.  His focus was amazing – sometimes it drove me nuts because I thought he couldn’t multi task but instead he would really think about what he was doing at that moment and direct all his energy into the task at hand.  This might be the hardest lesson for me to learn but I am a work in progress!


The Dream Big! Foundation is an attempt to continue the legacy of Jim and be a friend to others battling cancer, to help them and to bring them some joy. I will admit it has made me become more mindful – I really have to focus on what I am doing now that we are growing!