About The Dream Big Foundation


The Dream Big! Foundation started in an effort to carry on the legacy of Jim Borngesser who passed away from appendix cancer on March 25, 2017 and to help families financially who have to travel for cancer related treatment.

Since Jim’s cancer was very rare his family sought out one of the best surgeons that had experience with this type of cancer. The doctor was located in New York and during Jim’s four years of treatment he and his wife traveled to NYC multiple times and on some occasions were there for weeks recovering from surgeries. Fortunately for the Borngesser family they had a large network of friends and family that provided plane tickets, spending money and even places to stay to help with the financial burden.

When Jim moved to hospice and had a limited time to live he expressed frustration that he didn’t have enough time to do all the things he wanted to do to help people. He was always a giving person and willing to help anyone who needed it. It was very difficult for Jim to accept the generosity of friends, family and even strangers but it motivated him to fight his battle with cancer so he could live to help other families that also had to deal with financial struggles of travel from cancer. It is that strength and perseverance that motivated Anne and Susan to start The Dream Big! Foundation.

Jim’s enthusiasm for life and generous heart were always shining. The Dream Big! Foundation hopes to give anyone fighting cancer and traveling for treatment a smile when they get the Dream Big! gift in the mail and let them know people care about them!

If you are currently battling cancer and have to travel for treatment (you don’t have to travel far) or know someone who is we would love to help them out. Please click on the apply button on our website and fill out an application.