We’re looking forward to helping cancer patients who have to travel for their treatments by granting them a wish request in the form of a Visa gift card to help with some of their travel costs.  To apply for a wish to be granted, you need to do a couple of simple steps. When they are all completed send them to

Complete the Wish Application, doctor verification form and the HIPAA form so we can correspond with your doctor.

Write us a quick note about a Cancer Bonus (see explanation below) you have experienced. 

Send us a copy of your favorite recipe – We are making a Cancer Bonus Cookbook

During my husbands journey with cancer he experienced a lot of awful things, but he also had some good (even excellent) things happen.  He made the choice early on to focus on the good and let the bad go.  I believe, with all my heart that is one of the reasons he lived as long as he did with a diagnosis that should have ended his life much earlier.  Some of the Cancer Bonuses were:

Couple time in the middle of a workday – while Jim was getting chemo I would come to the hospital and work from the chemo room.  We both had busy schedules with work but got to spend a couple of hours together in the middle of a workday which we both considered a treat!

Visits with friends – lots of friends found their way to our doorstep while Jim was sick.  Each visit was a Cancer Bonus.  Some friends came from other countries or all the way across the US. The love of a good friend is worth it’s weight in gold!

Handicap Parking – Finally good parking spaces!  Jim was pretty young when he was diagnosed, so it took awhile for the handicap parking sign to be given, but he sure enjoyed it when he got it.  Definite Cancer Bonus!!!

You get the picture – tell us something good that has happened as a result of cancer.  That way, cancer doesn’t win all the time.