Excited and Nervous at the same time

Wow, this is really happening.  Susan and I talked about this for so long and have worked on it for months it seemed like it was always a dream and now it is real.   Our inventory is full and we have officially launched our website.  Thank goodness for teenagers – Mac is helping me create an instagram, twitter and Facebook account.   Now we need to promote our brand and see where this will go.  I am so excited to start this and a bit nervous of the unknown.  We can’t wait to help our first family and look forward to hearing about their Cancer Bonus. Dream Big!

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The Start of the DREAM BIG! Foundation

Shortly after Jim died I took each of the kids away on a trip to have some fun and see if they wanted to talk about losing their dad.  On my trip with our youngest son, Mac, to Chicago we planned a wonderful day that included a Segway tour around the city.  Jim’s sister, Susan, decided to join us.  When we met up with Susan she got out of her car and was wearing a baseball cap with Dream Big! in Jim’s handwriting on it.  I thought it was so cool and she said, “I’ve been thinking about something and wanted to talk with you about it.”  She then told me about her desire to start a company to raise money for cancer research using what is now the Dream Big! logo in Jim’s handwriting.  I loved the idea.  We talked more about it and started to put some idea’s together.  Jim had often talked about his legacy and how he felt cheated because he didn’t have enough time to do all the things he wanted to do for other before he died.  He wondered what kind of legacy he would leave.  I assured him our three kids were...

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Dream Big!….Where it came from

Dream Big! started many years ago when Jim would say to the kids as they were walking out the door, “I love you and Dream Big!”  We always told our kids they could do anything as long as they worked hard.  Jim told them to Dream Big and we would help them find a way to make those dreams come true.  When Jim was first diagnosed with cancer he amazed me because he never felt sorry for himself or asked the question, “why him?” he simply decided to Dream Big and work to see what he could do to beat cancer. Our kids were 12, 14 and 16 when Jim was first diagnosed with Appendix Cancer.  During his battle with cancer we hit many milestones in our kids lives.  One was our oldest daughter leaving home to attend the United States Air Force Academy.  While she was in basic training Jim wrote her a letter and of course, ended it with Dream Big!  I wrote her every day, as a mom would, and Jim’s letters were a little less frequent but Maggie hung onto those letters and came home during her Junior year in college and told us she would...

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